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Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has over 100 beautiful waterfalls that eventually flow into its famous rivers. Most of these striking waterfalls are an enjoyment to visit and typically located in the hill-country region. There are also many breath-taking falls to be found within the rich and thick forests and mountains in this region, which sometimes makes them limitedly accessible to view close-up.

Aberdeen Falls

This lovely 98 meter-high fall is located in the Kehalgamuwa mountain range just six kilometers from the Nuwara Eliya District, embracing the Ginigathhena, Norton Bridge, Lakshapana and Maskeliya regions. It is a part of the ....

Adam's peak (Seetha Gangula) Falls

Found at the southern end of the famous Maskeliya Oya tank, these falls are fed from the impressive Adam’s Peak or Sri Pada mountain range. Falling from about 10 meters in height, they provide a beautiful sight when viewed with ....

Alupolla Ella Falls

These lovely falls stand at around 60 meters in height and are made up of three parts. Located some 25 kilometers from the Gem-City of Ratnapura in a little village called Wewalwatte, they provide a truly calming and relaxing atmosphere to the traveler....

Baker’s Falls

One of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful waterfalls is the Baker’s falls found about 3km from the entrance to the famous Horton Plains National Park in the hill country. It is a cascading mix of about seven falls in one falling from around 22 meters high ....

Bambarakanda Falls

This is the highest and clearly one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Falling from a staggering 241 meters, it is ranked amongst the 100 highest waterfalls in the world. The fall is found within the thick forests surrounding the town of Bandarawela and getting ....

Balakaduwa Falls ??????

Bombure Ella Falls-Ramboda

Clearly one of Sri Lanka’s widest waterfalls and is found at the village of Perawella, Welimada in the Badulla district. Originating from a tributary of the Uma River or also known as the Dulgala River, these falls are accessed through a track that leads .....

Bopath Ella

This is a graciously adorned 30 meter-high fall with rich bio-diverse-surroundings, and is found in the village of Devipahala, close to the Gem-City of Rathnapura. It is fed by the Kuru Ganga, a tributary of the famous Kalu Ganga. Its name ‘Bopath’ is ....

Dambora Falls

Located close to the Labugama Reservoir in the little village of Dambora in the Hanwella Division, these falls can be seen from the Hanwella – Labugama road. They are born of a stream from the Wakoya River and fall from 10 meters in height.

Demali Falls ????

Dehigolla Falls ????

Dehena Ella Falls

TStanding at a striking 73 meters in height, these beautiful falls cascade down in twin-chutes from their source of a spring called the Gaslabu Ella from the Dehena Mountain before flowing into the Bambarakotuwa River ....

Devagiri Falls

These are beautiful 90 meter-high falls situated deep in difficult terrain through estates and jungle, despite its attractive height. It is not a frequently visited waterfall ....

Devathura Ella Falls ???????

Devon Falls

If you are driving up to the beautiful garden city ‘Little England’ or Nuwara Eliya, you will be able to see these falls from the Talawakele – Nawalapitiya A7 road and very close to its other beautiful neighbor, the St. Clair’s Falls. As you drive along this road, there are many points at which you could pause and take in ....

Dhuwili Ella fall

Also known as the Walawe Ganga Fall, the Duwili Ella is indeed a beautiful yet unusual natural creation, found about four kilometers from the town of Balangoda. These excitingly beautiful falls spew forth a cascade of vaporous water droplets as they shine ....

Diyagalla Ella Falls

Found to be seen mainly during the rainy season, these lovely falls are near the Ginigathhena - Nuwara Eliya main road. They fall from around 20 meters above from a source which was diverted owing to a mini-hydro ....

Diyakerella Falls

A thunderous roar, heard for quite some distance away, these generously flowing falls cascade down a 45 meter-high formation of rocks, giving way to yet another fall immediately after. Visible from afar is only its upper portion ....

Diyaluma Falls

This is one or Sri Lanka’s most scenic and exciting waterfalls to watch, cascading from 172 meters high, and the third highest in the country. Surrounded by lush green slopes and the Koslanda Plateau in the Badulla district, these falls are fed by the Poonagala Oya and is indeed a captivating sight ....

Dunhida Falls

The beautiful Dunhinda or ‘Bridal Veil’ falls at 63 meters high, are found in the Badulla district about two km on the road to Taldena. The striking feature of these falls is the misty dew that surrounds them. Easily reached just five km from Badulla town, there is a trekking path that leads to this waterfall that ....

Ella Uda Falls ????

Elgin Falls

These exciting 25 meter-high Elgin waterfalls are found in the beautiful green surroundings at Ambewela, home to some of Sri Lanka’s finest dairy farms. Easily accessed from Nanu Oya from the Ambewela Station near the Elgin Estate ....

Galagediyana Ella Falls

This is a beautiful water fall of about 11 meters in height, found off the town of Dedigama just about 70 km from Colombo traveling along the A1 Colombo – Kandy road. Its beautiful veil of water is both calming and awe-inspiring as its cascading waters flow...

Galboda Fall

Standing at 30 meters in height, these beautiful falls are fed from the catchments in the area as they have quite a high rainfall throughout the year. Close to the town of Watawala where rainfall is generally the highest recorded in the ....

Gerandi Ella Falls

TA 100 meter waterfall found on the Kandy – Nuwara Eliya road at the 50th kilometer mile post, is an attractive sight falling from a huge rock towering above and its waters flow underneath a culvert built on the road.....

Hadun Ella Falls -Kitulgala

Found in the rich biodiverse region of Kithulgala, this 30 meter-high waterfall flows into the Kelani Ganga. Named after the rich and valuable resource “Handun” in Sinhalese or ‘Sandalwood’. This is one of the many beautiful water falls that can be found in this region.

Hellboda Falls

This lovely 60 meter falls can easily be viewed while driving along the A-5 trunk road from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya east of the town of Pussellawa. Providing easy-access to the base of these falls and also its ease-of-viewing makes it an ideal way-side-stop to ease one’s mind from the monotony of the road.

Hellboda Ella Falls -Ramboda

A strikingly exciting stop, the Hellboda Ella falls provide a weary traveler with a feeling of refreshing freshness. As you travel along the Gampola – Nuwara Eliya road (the A5), these beautiful falls are seen thrashing down by the roadside at the 41st kilometer ...

Hunnas Falls

Just about 20 kilometers from Kandy town, this 60-meter-high falls is located in the Elkaduwa village, in the Matale District. Another beautiful sight especially during the rainy season where apart from its main-stream ....

Kalupahana Falls ?????

Kirindi Oya Falls

This stunning 200-meter falls can be accessed from the Ratnapura – Pelmadulla A4 road at the 119th km post and by the Kuttapitiya tea factory. A foot-path and steps that leads you to the falls takes you through scenic beauty of ....

Mannakethi Ella Falls - Kitulgala

Flowing from the slopes of the Unagala Mountain Range, this beautiful 60 meter-high water fall flows into the Kelani River. It is accessed from Malwatte, by trekking up the mountain above the Girankitha Oya Reservoir for about three kilometers to a footpath that leads you to the fall.

Mapanana Falls

Another beautiful aquatic attraction in this beautiful area, at the foot of the famous Adam’s Peak or Siri Pada mountain range, are these meandering Mapanana Falls. One of Sri Lanka’s tallest and the 4th highest falls standing at 141 meters tall ....

Movini Ella Falls

Traveling through the green forest-mountain ranges of Sri Lanka, another beautiful 20 meter-high waterfall could be seen from the road from Maskelliya to the famous and beautiful Adam’s Peak. The water flowing from these falls flow into one of the country’s famous tanks called the Maskelliya Tank.

Olu Ella Falls

Found just off the Avissawella – Nuwara Eliya A7 road in the little village of Malalpola, these beautiful falls cascade down many steps creating a truly beautiful sight. Born in Wewiyathalawa these lovely falls derive their name as they resemble the beautiful white Olu Flower as they fall down from different angles into its base ....

Pahanthuda Fall

Named after the Sinhalese term for ‘Lamp’ which is ‘Pahanthuda’, this waterfall is about 5 meters in height and found about 1 ½ kilometers from the town of Belihuloya. Its distinctive feature is an oil-lamp shaped impression ....

Pulun Falls

This is a lovely two-part falls from a height of 86 meters with a width of 12 meters. These falls are located at the Sigapulikande Mountain in the Ratnapura District, in Denawaka, on the Ratnapura – Pelmadulla road.

Ramboda Falls

This 109-meter falls is one of the highest in the country, located in Pussellawa from the Panna Oya, a tributary of the Kothmale Oya. This region famous for its green wet-forests and mountains boasts some of the finest waterfalls in the country. The falls are intriguingly composed of three sections.....

Rawana Falls

Taking its name after the famous epic Ramayana, shows off a wide flowing body of water and indeed is a lovely sight to feast one’s eyes on. Its interesting feature is a cave found near these falls, and is known as a location that Ravana hid the Princess Sita after he abducted her from India......

Rikille Falls

Meaning ‘Branch of a Tree’, this 30 meter-high fall is found in Bulathkohupitiya, a little village-town in the lush green hill-country mountains. Falling down the north-face of the Hunusahaldeniya mountain range it flows into the Kelani River and is close to the Dedugala main road close to the town of Kitulgala.

Sinharaja - Water Falls

Some of the most beautiful and enchanting water falls can be seen in the famous and rich, green, Sinharaja Rain Forest, numbering around 19 falls in total. This collection of falls cover various terrain and are of varying sizes and heights

St.Clair’s Falls

Getting its name from the nearby St. Clair’s Tea Estate, this is one of the country’s widest water falls standing at about 80 meters in height and consists of two falls providing the viewer with an enthralling sight as one drives along ....

Surathalie Fall

Located some eight kilometers from the town of Belihuloya, these beautiful 20 meter-high falls can be seen from the Colombo - Badulla main road, at Halpe. One of its distinctive features is its slithering, glassy-flow downwards along ....

Thudugala Ella Falls

Situated on the Thudugala Estate in the Kalutara district, this estate was once owned by a British national. This is a beautiful location and its falls make up a natural swimming pool, found about 8 km from the Dodangoda Junction ....

Thummodara Ranmudu Falls

These lovely falls are found 48 kilometers from Colombo, on the Colombo – Avissawella road in the Tumodara village. Standing at 15 meters in height, they are from a tributary of the Wakganga River which flow into the famous Kelani Ganga (River) and is another popular stop-over for many travelers.

The Galdola Falls

Standing at 30 meters in height, these beautiful falls are fed from the catchments in the area as they have quite a high rainfall throughout the year. Close to the town of Watawala ....

The Lovers Leap Falls

These beautiful 30-metre high falls are born in the highest mountain in Sri Lanka (Pidurutalagala) and flows down its southern slope in the beautiful garden-city of Nuwara Eliya. Falling down into a tank that collects its water, is named after a prince who was rescued by a beautiful damsel when he was lost and fell in love......

Vada Hiti Ella (Lakshapana Falls)

This beautiful 129 meter-high falls is close to one of the country’s largest reservoirs called the Lakshapana Reservoir. Also known as a hundred thousand lamps, the first hydroelectric power project in the country was the Lakshapana power project ...

Wadakada Falls

These falls are just about six meters in height; yet offer a lasting flow that surges down during the rainy season, beckoning many local villagers to bathe in its deluge. Fed by the Ginneriya, .......

Winser Forest Falls ??????

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